Create an Agile Culture focused on continuous learning and connection.

Every organisation has a culture, whether it is developed intentionally, or not.

Is your organisation's culture one that advances or delays continuous improvement of execution and innovation? Innovation is neither formula nor accident – it’s people and collaboration. A vital part of any agile business is an evolving workforce, and having a learning culture - the ability to learn and adjust accordingly - is essential to long term success. Leaders who take a learning-focused approach to the overall management process will make learning a part of the organisation’s mission and business strategy, by providing a variety of opportunities to meet the growth and development needs of employees. Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, defines a learning organisation as a place where workers have the freedom to learn and the opportunities to improve and reach their collective goals. These organisations encourage a curious mind and welcome challenges to the status quo.

The future of work is HUMAN-LED

Humans and machines will increasingly work side by side, but human-centered skills will become more and more sought after as critical thinking, leadership and interpersonal skills become highly valued. Technology is the catalyst to change in the workplace, but humans are the sustaining force behind the machines.

Learning Journeys

Develop Future Leaders

To establish a talent bench and sound succession plan in your organisation, a culture of learning is essential for developing future leaders.

Our expert team collaborates with your organisation to co-create learning experiences directly linked to our research-based solutions and your unique business challenges— delivered through a range of virtual, blended, and in-person formats, stretch out over many weeks or months to create spaced learning experiences.

With a curriculum tailored to take advantage of each delivery platform, our highly interactive methodologies promote inspired debate and engaging discussion—to any audience, anywhere, at the appropriate time. Taking multiple individuals or small teams of executives on the same journey can have a profound impact on long-term organisational success.

Team Development

Collaboration shouldn’t be left to chance – it should be deliberate.

Partner with The Human Edge team to design collaborative experiences to bring purpose, intention, relational intelligence and psychological safey to team interactions.

Offered in a range of virtual, blended, and in-person formats, our journeys prepare teams to be proactive in the face of today's changing environment, adept at navigating unpredictable situations, and capable of responding quickly in bold, innovative ways.

Teams can’t exist without connection.


Team alignment and intentional collaboration is key for growth.

Culture Transformation

Pro-actively addressing your organisation’s culture will help maintain high levels of productivity, engagement, and focus—and thus help ensure financial performance. It also helps your organisation retain its most valuable asset: its best talent.

Leaders' ability to influence sustainable change impacts culture continuously. Without a framework or support methodology to go about that change and influence, it becomes very difficult for leaders to create the necessary focus and energy within the culture to embed new behaviours and changes.

The Human Edge Culture Team work closely with your Leadership and Culture Team to transfer our tried and tested transformation methodology to the formal and informal leaders within your organisation to replicate and implement the process with minimum support from The Human Edge going forward.


Learning is a business strategy that will grow your organisation, give it a competitive advantage, and help it weather whatever changes may come. It will also equip teams with the tools they need to thrive.

Practice in Motion

A Cultural Operating System Case Study for MTN

The Human Edge Team will help you think strategically about your unique culture, learning and team development journeys.

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