We Change Africa's Corporate World by Changing Behaviour

Our mission is to improve lives by teaching people skills to change behaviour, relationships and results.

Through our award-winning courses and bestselling books, we help people adopt behaviours that have a disproportionate impact on outcomes. We call these behaviours crucial skills.

Human Skills are the New Hard Skills for the Future of Work

The outside world is struggling with uncertainty, chaos and fear. But suppose we embrace and develop the human skills of empathy, deep listening, giving and receiving feedback, resolving conflict and disagreement through tangible relationship building and communication skills.

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Developing human skills—often called soft skills—is as essential today to a business’s success as hitting your KPIs or revenue goals.


Foster Psychological Safety - A Strategic Priority

We are living through a period of extraordinary uncertainty—about our physical safety, our economic security, and the daily conditions in which we will be operating for the foreseeable future. One consequence is an undercurrent of emotional disturbance characterised by rising levels of anxiety, depression, fear, and stress. Transparency around expectations and the state of the business lets people operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Free of that anxiety, people can perform at their best, create and innovate, collaborate and lead.

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It is our belief that the quality of your culture and performance will never exceed the quality of your conversations.



Balancing Accountability and Freedom at Work

Distributed work and post-pandemic living have ushered in a new set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to how people want to live and work. It is time to deconstruct long-held practices and ways of being in the workplace that prioritise control, predictability, and an unhelpful relationship between leader and employee. Greater freedom and flexibility necessitates greater accountability.

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Create a High Trust, High Performance Culture

The business world is transforming—and fast. It requires a close look at the details of how strategy, execution and company culture intersect. Leaders at companies around the globe, both large and small, are seizing this moment in time to reset their strategy, reinvest in their teams and sharpen communication habits staff-wide. Many organisations are in the midst of making the permanent shift to hybrid work and needing to invest in more effective communication. Clearly defining company culture will be imperative in this new paradigm.

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Psychological Safety is at the heart of many of the critical challenges facing organisations today and is crucial in preventing employee burnout and high turnover; improving employee well-being; engagement, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion.


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